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    Found the pound
    2nd May 2017

    The 28 March 2017, an historic day within the gaming and amusement industry introducing the new £1 has been and gone, yet with the co-circulation period countdown underway the where the 16 October will soon be upon us. Rumours of coin acceptor issues across the industry, not to mention the reports of the Bank of England’s gym failing to update their lockers, and a number of railways failing to update their machines despite the Royal Mint’s best efforts.


    Though even with the increase of card and the ever popular contactless payments, coins remain current with steady mintage figures as reported by the Royal Mint. From the first UK £1 coin issued back in 1983 designs included; Royal Arms representing the United Kingdom, Thistle and royal diadem representing Scotland, Leek and royal diadem representing Wales and Flax Plant and royal diadem representing Northern Ireland to name a few to a final design named ‘Last Round Pound’ issued 2016 the Royal Mint’s fond farewell to the 34 year old round pound, one that lost its security features with approximately one in thirty £1 coins in circulation today a counterfeit. The need for change was equally evident, although whilst we are still in the co-circulation period Maggi’s Financial Director (Martin Pritchard) recommends to swiftly swap your round pounds now to save you the time and effort in the long run, Martin advises “preparation is key, whilst there is still five months from the 16 October, those within the industry should make a plan to swap the majority of their round pounds, if not think about limiting the acceptance of them as the demonetisation date is looms.”


    With fast moving technological advances fitting new parts with our unique conversion kit for the pre-released polymer £5 banknote, and the £10 due to follow in Summer 2017, we are offering modern updates for change machines and note validators, including Innovative Technology’s NV9 USB, NV10 USB and NV11+, future proofing against note modifications, to facilitating an extended product investment. Our conversion kit replaces redundant note validators within products such as change machines.


    The NV10 USB+ is a compact, stackerless banknote validator suitable for most applications, accepting over 100 different world currencies it is a truly global product. The NV10 USB+ is a field proven validator, the unit supports industry standard protocols and is simple to integrate and maintain.

    The NV11+ is a market leading, compact note recycler. Combining an NV9 USB+ banknote validator and ‘Note Float’ payout unit, the NV11+ can store and recycle up to 30 notes. It maximises cash efficiency and reduces coin starvation, significantly reducing operational costs. It comes with a standard 300 note capacity cashbox and uses eSSP (encrypted Smiley Secure Protocol) or ccTalk. It’s proven field reliability significantly maximises operational efficiency, it dramatically reduces coin float levels, it is future proof with quick and easy updates via USB, PC or handheld programmer. Paul Yorke (Operations Director) advises “The New NV11+ is a more flexible and secure note recycler from Innovative Technology. This + version has made security improvements on the mechanism’s impressive NV11 range.”




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