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Get ready for the Kings notes

We can help you convert your current units ready for the new notes

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Introducing Digital Displays

Integrated Digital Signage Solutions

We now offer digital display installations and maintenance as a service

Advanced Replacement Service

Fast, reliable product replacement

Our Advance Replacement Service provides you with a replacement within 24hrs


Maggi Electronics Services

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive electronic repair solutions for a diverse array of products. Whether you’re facing issues with Coin and Note Acceptors, Circuit Boards, PCs, Monitors, or beyond, our expert technicians are equipped to handle it all. From diagnosing problems to implementing efficient repairs, we offer a wide range of products and services to ensure that your electronic devices are back up and running smoothly in no time.


Our repair service offers comprehensive solutions for a diverse array of products, ensuring efficient and reliable fixes for all your electronic and mechanical needs. With expertise spanning across various industries, we pride ourselves on delivering repairs tailored to meet the requirements of each item, providing peace of mind and optimal functionality for our customers.


Our refurbished products undergo meticulous restoration processes, where they are brought back to factory standards with precision and care. Through our rigorous quality control measures and expert craftsmanship, we ensure that each refurbished item meets or exceeds its original specifications, providing customers with reliable and cost-effective alternatives to brand new products.

Supply New

We source and supply a comprehensive range of new products, including cutting-edge tech such as Note Validators, Change Machines, Coin mechs, PCBs, Power Supplies, Ticket Printers and more. Through established partnerships with leading manufacturers and distributors, we ensure a steady supply of the latest innovations, enabling us to offer top-of-the-line solutions.

Technical Experts

With decades of collective experience, our team of engineers boasts unparalleled technical expertise in the industry, setting us apart as leaders in innovation and problem-solving. From intricate circuitry to complex mechanical systems, our engineers possess the acumen and hands-on experience to tackle any challenge with finesse, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for our clients' products.

Token Providers

We provide a wide range of tokens, including gold, silver, bronze, nickel, copper, and brass coins, suitable for vending machines and drink tokens, as well as premium collector's items like sophisticated nickel silver coins. Our tokens are crafted to meet various needs, offering both practical functionality and aesthetic appeal, reflecting our commitment to quality and versatility in every product we offer.


We have a wide range of services we can offer.

Advanced Replacement Service

Our Advance Replacement Service provides our credit account holders with the replacement parts they need within 24hrs.

Contact the sales team before 3pm to have your order despatched the same day. Upon delivery of your item simply return the faulty part within 14 days.

This service minimises your machine downtime in an industry where time is money.

Open a credit account with us today to receive our 5 star high quality next day Advanced Replacement Service.

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100 Day Warranty

All Repairs
All Refurbishments
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Our van network covers specific areas in the UK on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Click here to find out more.
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Our Global Partners and Suppliers

Experts in the repair, rework, supply and support of a diverse array of electronics, covering many sectors from the amusement industry to healthcare, advertising and travel.

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Maggi Electronics
250-254 Radcliffe Road
Darcy Lever

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