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High security validator uses unique Multi-Frequency Technology (MFT) protection against string manipulation and optical monitoring of the coin path Versatile interfaces and sorting options make it appealing to a variety of applications. Flexible design and teach options like inhibiting single or group coins/tokens, currency updates, and configuration uploads

V2 Eagle

Highest coin security that relies on MFT coin validation technology Modular construction in coin entry and integrated 5 way sorting for flexible use Manipulation protection with optical string recognition, coin timing and protocol encryption Versatile interface options that works with BDTA standard, MDB standard, ccTalk, and USB connection

V2 Colibiri

Industry-leading security. Coin material scanning through MFT ensures only valid coins are deposited Fast on-site device and coin configuration. Utilizes the HENRI+ service tool for field updates Flexible design. Enables teach function for up to 8 coins/tokens as a standard Works with multiple industry standards. Universally designed with various interfaces to service different industries

V2 Falcon

Accept any coin with secure processing of up to 32 different coin denominations Improve your customer’s experience with high acceptance speed (up to 10 coins per second) and short transaction times Reduce coin jams with freefall design that keeps machine downtime to a minimum Flexible design with extensive device and coin configurations, as well as uploads right at the machine Versatile approach via extra flat version and an optional 3-way high-speed sorter

Maggi Electronics
250-254 Radcliffe Road
Darcy Lever

Tel: 01204 520011
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Registered in England: 02711524

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