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Innovative Technology

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The NV10 USB+

The NV10 USB+ is a compact, stackerless banknote validator suitable for most applications. Accepting over 100 different world currencies the NV10 USB+ is a truly global product. A field proven validator the unit supports industry standard protocols, is simple to integrate and maintain. The NV10 USB+ is ideal for amusement and vending applications and comes with two bezel width options depending on currency. Features • Compact stackerless design • Proven field reliability • Future proof • One build standard for Global Applications


The NV11+ is a compact note recycler. Combining an NV9 USB+ banknote validator and ‘Note Float’ payout unit the NV11+ can store and recycle up to 30 notes. The NV11+ maximises cash efficiency and reduces coin starvation, significantly reducing operational costs. The NV11+ comes with a standard 300 note capacity cashbox and uses eSSP (encrypted Smiley Secure Protocol) or ccTalk. The NV11+ leaves the factory pre-set to at least one currency so is ready for immediate installation. Features • Market leading compact note recycler • Proven field reliability • Significantly reduces operational costs • Maximises operational efficiency


The NV9 USB+ banknote validator, boasts enhanced sensing technology and a high acceptance rate for multi-currency. NV9 USB+ is a versatile banknote validator with cashbox and bezel options to suit all applications. The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically and exceptional field reliability make the NV9 USB+ a truly global product. A note float module can be added to provide note recycling capability - See NV11+ for more information. Features • Exceptional field reliability • Enhanced sensing technology • Cashbox & bezel options to suit all applications • Add on recycler available

NV200 Spectral

The NV200 Spectral is a highly secure and technologically advanced banknote validator. State of the art spectral sensors offer complete note image capture (highest spectral coverage) to authenticate the validity of notes. The unit boasts 99%+ acceptance of new and street grade notes with a note to note processing time of 2 seconds. The unit contains a number of security features including optical and mechanical anti-strimming technology that delivers outstanding fraud protection. The NV200 Spectral’s cutting-edge note centring mechanism, together with 4-way barcode acceptance bring the user exceptional note handling and increased ticket acceptance rates. Add-on modules are available - Spectral Payout for mixed denomination note recycling. BNF for bulk note deposits. Safe Interface for smart safes. Features • 100% note image capture - 4.8 million datapoints • 99%+ acceptance of new & street grade notes • Stained note detection • 2 second note to note processing • Modular design - recycler available

Maggi Electronics
250-254 Radcliffe Road
Darcy Lever

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