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Cashflow 9500

The Cashflow 9500 is an intelligent coin-payment solution for kiosks, self-checkouts, and other unattended retail systems. MEI CASHFLOW™ 9500 coin acceptors are the most intelligent coin-payment systems available today. They are ideal for use in the challenging and dynamic retail environment because they maximize transactions and guard against fraud. They deliver the industry’s best coin-acceptance rate and utilize new coin-sensing technology and security features to process valid coins in seconds, while rejecting counterfeits. Retail customers can use all denominations of coins to pay for purchases and MEI’s Advanced Program Interface (API) CD-ROM makes it fast and easy to integrate MEI CASHFLOW™ 9500 coin acceptors into a retail system. Available to be set to any world currency and set on any protocol you require DES, CCTALK, Parallel. Also available are the: Cashflow 126, 330 and 340

Money Controls SR5i

  • Expert system sensor technology
  • High-resolution series resonance coin discrimination
  • Remote download capability
  • Remote factory-quality coinless programming and diagnostics via host machine
  • Encrypted communication protocol
  • ccTalk serial or parallel interface
  • True 16-coin acceptance
  • Customisable bank configuration (CBC) - any permutation via ccTalk serial
  • Two banks of eight coin windows via parallel
  • Teach and Run on all windows
  • Suite of programming tools (PC-based ccProgrammer, ccTeach or ccEuroTeach)
  • Individual coin inhibit
  • 16-coin binary parallel or simple parallel interface
  • MechTool for reconfiguration in situ
  • Integral sorter with manifold (4-way) or active manifold (8-way)
  • Top or front coin-entry
  • Direct (front plate) or indirect reject paths
  • Range of front plates, rundowns and bezels
  • Range of mounting options.
Also available are the: SR5e and the SR5DES

Azkoyen D45, AC6, SR3i/e, C120 and C220B

We can supply and refurbish all legacy Azkoyen coin validators.  

Maggi Electronics
250-254 Radcliffe Road
Darcy Lever

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