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EMP800 V6

The industry standard 3,5" electronic coin selector: The EMP 800 coin selectors will guarantee an optimal coin handling solution for indoor or outdoor operated machines. Specifying or omitting certain options allows customers to obtain coin selectors entirely suited to their particular application.

EMP800 V7

A new innovative measuring system has been developed for the electronic coin selector EMP 800 v7 series to ensure highest coin acceptance rates and an optimum rejection of counterfeits. For the first time an optional rim detection can be provided for this small sized coin selector. This allows considering the rim of a coin as an additional testing parameter. For international markets datasets for more than 100 different currencies are available. New front plates compliment the design of your coin-operated machines. This also ensures a better protection against vandalism.

EMP900 V7

With integral sorting and flash function The electronic coin selector EMP 900 with serial interface is the No. 1 choice for all vending and gaming requirements where quality and security are the prime concerns. The coin sorter directs the coins separately into 4 tubes closely located to each other and/or into the cash box as required.

Maggi Electronics
250-254 Radcliffe Road
Darcy Lever

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